Sunday, April 28, 2013

End of April

The geranium are in full bloom - I planted lots of snapdragon and foxglove again this year which look good together - I hate though that the geranium only really bloom once. I've seen others that are still blooming through August!

I went to the local expensive nursery and bought some zinnia which I have never planted before. I was hoping for some annuals that will bloom all summer long. I guess the snapdragons often stop blooming once the heat sets in, and mine are already starting to looked peaked. I did deadhead some, which I don't usually do (for snapdragon) so we will see if that helps.

I also bought a small alstroemerias -- which I have never been able to get to grow in my yard even though every one else can! I planted it next to the fence next to a new clematis vine which is looking beautiful -- though fairly hidden. I hope they both do well!

I also added a new penstemon.

Everything seems to be coming up well - the butterfly bush though has barely grown and my salvias have barely started poking up (except the one on the deck) - perhaps it is too early??